On Dropping Down Inside With Attuned Silence

I am realizing how I have often just scratched the surface as a psychotherapist, the surface of so much talking to and with others. Entering further into a focused, attuned silence with clients has allowed them to drop down into deeper parts of their brains, beyond the verbal, eventually leading towards more lasting calm and clarity, among other states. This goes below the culturally conditioned back-and-forth of talking. Powerful.

4 thoughts on “On Dropping Down Inside With Attuned Silence

  1. Yes, very powerful.
    As much as I love words—written and spoken—I have always found far more can often be communicated/listened to from the deepest, most loving and kind spaces in the emotional and spiritual heart in silence. And often also is in the spaces between words if we’re attuned.
    We are so acculturated to verbal interaction that it’s rare for people to communicate with one another in silence. Most people feel there’s some thing wrong.

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  2. I agree with you in part. It seems to get you to that space of quiet contemplation for the little stuff when you are only dealing with one part. When you are living in a chaotic environment where you have too many stimuli to be aware of and when so many parts are triggered, the need for a caring human voice or connection that will hold space in that hell they’re going through at that moment seems more beneficial. They don’t need to be pacified which is how it feels to them, they need to be heard from a loving, caring place, which at times may bring in another part to help them. I think if you can maintain Self-presence and deal with one part at a time, Brainspotting certainly would be the easiest way to go. For me, it’s like going into the quick mart when you need the whole mall where you don’t really talk to strangers. You get what you need and dash right out! It leaves me feeling empty.


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