Brief Note to Self About Narcissism

Note to Self: Narcissistic people are everywhere, living from a deeply self-centered “I above everyone else” frame of mind. It’s so important to give this way of thinking as little validation as possible while doing whatever you can to genuinely value the whole person(s) before you as (an) equal(s), neither above or less than any of us. Mindfulness around actually practicing/applying this view is key. Please remain aware and alert as best as possible. Enjoy and nurture genuine reciprocity (true connection) with others wherever you can, like the precious life resource that it is.

2 thoughts on “Brief Note to Self About Narcissism

  1. I’m really liking the theme of reciprocity you have going on your blog and vlog. So many people get confused about how to maintain the balance between caring for themselves and caring for others. Narcissistic people get all twisted up in the extreme of having everything have to be about themselves so as to fill up their own bottomless needs from external sources. Other sorts of people get all twisted up in the extreme that they’re not worthy of receiving care from anyone including themselves and give all their energy to filling the needs of others. So often these kinds of folks end up in relationships with narcissistic people, or have become this way as a result of being in relationships with narcissistic people.

    It strikes me that in these reciprocal relationships, ones of balanced give and take, each person or group of people are taking care of themselves innately as well as openly receiving what is being compassionately given from the others. And, because they are well-nurtured from self-care as well as from their partner(s)/communiities, they generously and compassionately offer back. Not out of duty or responsibility or any sort of quid pro quo. In truly reciprocal relationships, it happens without thought or intention. It is as rhythmic and natural and reciprocal as the tides and happens out of a plenitude, an abundance of love.

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    1. I agree, and, as usual, I appreciate your eloquence. I do think what you speak of here points to a high evolution of how human relationships can be when at their best. Much of humanity has a long ways to go with achieving true reciprocity. Still, it’s worth striving for.


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