Vigilantly Mindful of Not “Othering” People

I try to be vigilantly mindful around stopping my automatic habit of “othering” people here and there, including whole groups of individuals. It’s part of an overall mindfulness practice for me to maintain and improve upon. This is something for everyone to consider doing.

3 thoughts on “Vigilantly Mindful of Not “Othering” People

  1. Yes!
    It’s hard for us humans to do…it requires mindful attention to our words, thoughts, and emotional reactions that have been mapped into us from various sources. I think we (at least in most modern and contemporary Western cultures) have been programmed to learn and develop our identities by noting difference and often identifying and understanding things/ideas by what they’re not. I guess as a neurobiological program, its not bad in itself. But somewhere along the line, “difference” or otherness gets conflated with dangerous or badness.

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