The Crone (Anonymous Quote)

The Crone

I put your message into a spoonful of honey for your morning tea and wondered if you had noticed it. I also turned on the heat. My bones are cold, my blood is thin, and I am gathering into myself that which is mine. I am gathering in what remains to be seeded; I gather in all. I gather my animals into warm caves and drive my birds south to winter. I put my bears to sleep until springtime and change the coats on the backs of my cats, big and small. My dogs are guiding me; they howl if danger approaches. My faithful hounds, wolves and foxes are exquisite singers of the night, the crone’s serenades. I said yes to life, and now I am saying yes to death. I am the first in line to go over to the other side. My wisdom about the herbs, life, and love, I pass down to you. Did you get it? I put it in your genes, in your racial memories, and in your dreams. Those are good places to store wisdom, preserved like jars of sweet jelly.

I would appreciate it if you would use this wisdom. I myself received it this way. Its purpose is to strengthen my daughters and sons. What for? To transform your realities, to hold onto happiness, to bond and dance and rejoice in the circle of rebirth. If you’ve resented your life, the burden of freedom, the chore of keeping your body and soul together, your death will be just as unwelcome as your life has been. Death is not rest; it’s hard work. You must pass over to the other side; do you know where that is? There are no highways, there are no maps; you are on your own! I count on your love of life to help you find the next life beyond this one. Only I am here to guide you. Yes, I am the crone. I shall be waiting at the crossroads. You will know me by instinct and welcome me. I shall guide you into the light once more, because you have been a good child of mine. I reward you with deep peace and reincarnation, if you so desire. Be well now… until we meet again.

– Anonymous/Unknown