My Own Attempts at Art: Upper Section of an Elven Man’s Face (lead pencil and colored pencils on paper)

I’m not ready to show the rest of this drawing, as I have not yet drawn his mouth. I (mostly) sketched this image out sometime in 1992 or ’93 and only recently started to color him in.

Drawing ears and mouths is so damn challenging for me. Someday, I really should take a human figure drawing class, or at least watch some tutorials on YouTube, as someone suggested I do. It’s the process that counts, I tell myself. At least I’m trying.

My Own Attempts at Art: A Fiery Image with a Self Affirmation (felt tip pens on paper)

I drew this fiery image and wrote out the self affirming statement back in 1989, possibly 1990. I vaguely remember the psychotherapist I was working with at the time suggesting I draw something as an exercise in creativity and affirmation. This was the result. These days, I actually do visualize my inner power more, which is my higher Self, connected with the great light source of the universe.

My Own Attempts at Art: “Alive” (abstract watercolor painting)

I painted this piece with watercolors while an undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz in 1986 or ’87. I promptly titled it “Alive.” I felt it expressed an enthusiasm for life pushing, shining through.

I vaguely remember arriving in my dorm room one evening where my roommate at the time and a friend of his were hanging out and painting. They invited me to join them in making some art. This was the result.

My Own Attempts at Art: “Zucretza Bird” (pencil and felt tip pens on paper)

I completed this drawing in 1987-’88 while a senior in college at UC Santa Cruz.

The written description in pencil says the following: “Zucretza bird (from planet Niobakkus) holding egg in protective pouch. (Picture drawn to actual scale.)”

Since childhood, I’ve had an imagination filled with the fantastical. I continue to be someone who creates characters and creatures in search of stories to live within. Thinking up plot lines has always been difficult for me.

By posting this old illustration of mine, my intention and hope is to return to drawing on at least a semi-regular basis. Historically, my inner muse(s) come(s) and go(es), seemingly fading off for long periods of time.