Brainspotting the X-Men’s Wolverine

Here’s a fun, geeky thought I had earlier today. I imagined enjoying the challenge of doing Brainspotting treatment on the X-Men’s Wolverine as a client of mine. He’s got to be one of the most traumatized comic book superheroes ever created. I also imagined having to ensure a thick window made of some sturdy material was placed between us. Hence, we’d actually be sitting and facing each other from separate rooms. This would minimize the likelihood of Woverine possibly killing me in a fit of rageful abreaction (acting out/releasing of emotion) while processing through some violent flashback scenes in his life, such as the time when Adamantium metal was surgically forced around his bones.

I think Wolverine would be a good candidate for telehealth therapy, which is how I continue to meet with most of my clients.


Below is from the upcoming movie, and then adapted graphic novel, I MARRIED A WRITER (dedicated to my patient husband and all of you married/life committed to writers, you poor dears):

– SEE your honey typing for hours while you go about
your business and try to get their attention!

– HEAR them read aloud to you from their latest project– yet

– FEEL helpless and frustrated when they tell you for the
countless time how tired they are from staying up

– ASK your sweetie, like you’ve often done before, “You’re
writing about THAT??”

– SMELL burning toast filling the house while your darling
forgot all about it because they were distracted at their
computer, again!

– SLAP your life partner upside the head– or KISS them
passionately– and notice very little response because they’re
totally engrossed in whatever it is they’re typing!

– FIND yourself wondering, “Will my life ever be normal