My Own Attempts at Art: “Zucretza Bird” (pencil and felt tip pens on paper)

I completed this drawing in 1987-’88 while a senior in college at UC Santa Cruz.

The written description in pencil says the following: “Zucretza bird (from planet Niobakkus) holding egg in protective pouch. (Picture drawn to actual scale.)”

Since childhood, I’ve had an imagination filled with the fantastical. I continue to be someone who creates characters and creatures in search of stories to live within. Thinking up plot lines has always been difficult for me.

By posting this old illustration of mine, my intention and hope is to return to drawing on at least a semi-regular basis. Historically, my inner muse(s) come(s) and go(es), seemingly fading off for long periods of time.

7 thoughts on “My Own Attempts at Art: “Zucretza Bird” (pencil and felt tip pens on paper)

  1. ❤️✨ the drawing and the stories asking to be told that are held within it.

    I wonder if those stories and many pictures waiting to manifest could be (part?) of the protected egg?

    If your intention invites “company” and structure, this old but terrific book is well worth the investment (of the book itself, as well as the time to follow the program). I suspect you would find much in it that would resonate. I have the book from the 1990s that I have a long and tangled history with, and am just re-starting…again…
    Here is the website

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      1. And…if you want some fun to help your imagination run…may I suggest the 2014 film version of Into the Woods. (I’m watching it now 😁). So creative on so many levels, and you might enjoy the performances by familiar actors too. (I haven’t seen the show since John played the Wolf (Johnny Depp in the film) forever ago in a stage version. The film is fun watering for neglected creative parts!

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      2. I remember seeing INTO THE WOODS when it was new in theaters. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I can’t believe that it came out almost nine years ago already(!).

        I have thought of a basic, simple storyline for the Zucretza bird, thanks to you asking about it, particularly its protected egg. Thank you for stimulating my imagination just a bit!

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