On Letting Go of Non-Resonating Energy From Others

I have experienced wonderful healing recently via sessions with an energy and sound healer, Katie Rose of Rose Energetics in Killeen, TX (her link here: https://roseenergetics.com). Regardless of what you may think and feel about the legitimacy and value of such a modality, one generally useful nugget of wisdom I’ve found helpful is Ms. Rose’s well-stated truth that not everyone’s energy resonates with one’s own. This doesn’t mean that all or part of another’s energy is bad, it just means it’s not always right for someone else, such as myself. It is simply non-resonant/non-resonating. And vice versa, of course, is the case with my energy not always resonating well for others. This has been so affirming and releasing.

The implications of this understanding are powerful. No longer do I feel the need, out of guilt or some other negative motivator, to remain engaged with non-resonant energy of someone in my personal life anymore, ever. And I don’t need to pursue trying to make my energy resonate with someone else’s. It has been so freeing to clear away this old habit of tolerating and engaging with non-resonant energy(ies) from others. Letting go of or avoiding non-resonating engagement in the first place can and should be un-coupled with polarizing/demonizing a non-resonant other. That is a more nuanced, newer insight I have been coming to.

I have been integrating all this for a good while now, but Ms. Rose’s wisdom (which is not hers alone) has basically cinched the deal, so to speak, further embedding in me this healthy outlook and way of engaging in the world. And I most certainly help my clients come to all this understanding for themselves as well. Now, I’ve got some additional helpful language and subsequent perspective to offer.

7 thoughts on “On Letting Go of Non-Resonating Energy From Others

  1. After looking up the word “non-resonate”, I am still confused as to its usage. I think I do understand your post and it seems to be a positive outcome!

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    1. I meant “non-resonant” not “non-resonate,” which I don’t think is an actual word. I corrected that in my post and instead use the terms “non-resonant” (not resonating, i.e., out of harmony with something/someone else) and “non-resonating.” I hope that makes what I wrote more clear. Thank you for calling my attention to this error of mine.

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      1. Thank you for this comment and your explanation. I wasn’t getting anywhere looking it up on Google. Microsoft came on the screen when I wrote the comment. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It feels like an invasion of privacy to me.

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