Mini Movie Review: BROS

The movie BROS just happened to be newly available to stream for free, so I watched it. Billy Eichner stars as Bobby, an angry gay white guy who protects himself with cynicism and perpetual bachelorhood. Enter a love interest, Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), a handsome, muscular and macho lawyer who Bobby meets at a gay dance club. They seem as believable together as, say, combining mustard and peanut butter. The purposeful overacting, especially by Eichner, feels tiresome and annoying more than funny. And Eichner as Bobby can’t stop his righteous ranting, which quickly grows old. That all said, there are some humorous moments, such as an awkward orgy scene involving the two main characters and two other men. But, what had me laughing the most is a certain scene in a gym, and the one that immediately follows, where Bobby pretends to be macho by deepening his voice and talking like a “bro.”

Basically, the movie is often structured like a television sitcom, with a few scenes being quite funny and most seeming only slightly so or not at all. There is a sweet song performed towards the end by Eichner, which feels like a pleasant respite from the production’s intentionally forced, stilted, and inane dialogue. BROS is worth checking out for free, but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see a show that’s about eighty-five percent irritating drivel and maybe fifteen percent humorous and endearing.

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