THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING is beautiful and poignant, exquisitely so I might add. The colorful visuals are lush and fun, expressions of rich, sensual imaginations. I often felt like I was watching a series of moving paintings. Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba play their roles fabulously, but the whole cast is terrific.

This movie is indeed a lovely, thoughtful adult riff on THE ARABIAN NIGHTS. I was moved to tears towards the end.

Djinns have long fascinated me since childhood. This is the most dynamic, compassionate, and sexy portrayal of a djinn that I’ve ever seen on screen.

Bravo to director George Miller and everyone else involved in the making of this cinema gem.

4 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review: THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING

      1. I LOVED this film. Just finished watching it and want to watch it again! This one will join my small collection of special favorites whose alchemy weave my heart and imagination together, and make me feel glad and grateful.
        Bonus…I really liked the soundtrack too, especially the song that played in the credits! “Cautionary Tale.”

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