On Attunement and Listening

I continue to grow in my capacity to listen. It’s about attunement, attuning my whole body along with my ears. It’s about how and where I listen from, namely from a place of open curiosity and compassion. Often, my busy, agenda-filled mind distracts me away from listening, but I return, constantly, to attuning to the person before me and resuming listening. And any feedback I give to the other comes from a place of accurately attuning to and hearing something(s) they have said. I have not perfected non-stop attunement and listening, and I probably never will, which is ultimately fine. But, I am getting better and better at more readily returning to attunement and listening.

The same applies inward to myself too, attuning and then listening in to what my body– which includes my brain– is saying.

3 thoughts on “On Attunement and Listening

  1. Bravo! Having practiced IFS for so many years has helped me listen to those little voices inside me. Deciphering the meaning they are trying to convey can be tricky. In spite of the people close to me not hearing me and belittling me for expressing my concerns, SELF steadfastly stays by my side which I am very grateful for. Writing has been a catharsis in dealing with so many parts being triggered at the same time. I am very grateful that you shared this post. It helps remind me that I’m not all alone in the world. While reading it, kindred spirit comes to mind. Thank you so much!

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    1. You are most welcome! I’m so glad to hear how IFS continues to be so deeply helpful for you with your true Self.

      Here’s a beautiful statement someone said to me very recently that you might appreciate: “I connect to my higher Self for my highest good and the good of those I am with today.”

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