Brief Thoughts on Brainspotting and IFS

Some nine plus months into doing Brainspotting (BSP) with most of my clients and experiencing healing from it for myself, I’ve noticed how BSP allows more space and focus for processing of, well, anything– more than any other treatment approach I’ve learned thus far.

I do find that Internal Family Systems (IFS) continues to be my main framework or lens through which I view my clients and their challenges. However, BSP facilitates faster processing for people with their true Selves and inner parts. This synthesis of approaches has led me to feel more effective as a psychotherapist while many of my clients get faster positive results in their treatment.

2 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Brainspotting and IFS

  1. I find with Brainspotting that just the act of focusing on the tip tends to lessen the chatter (as in many parts vying for space) or anxiety you may have going on. That in itself leads to a calming place where you can focus on the real issue. IFS continues to be my mainstay because the process of assessing which part is coming through at the time gives you a better idea of how to soothe it. It is also where I find self-led involvement easier to maintain for longer periods of time.

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  2. I found this book when I looked up “Misconceived Intentions” to see if there was one out there with that name. “Mindful Intentions”, Louis Schwartzberg, Miravel – A mindful intention is a word, phrase, or sentence that is used as a cue to help the mind focus on a singular, purposeful thought (Brainspotting came to mind). Paired with these particular photos, every mindful intention provides a unique opportunity for the reader to take a meditative moment to withdraw from daily stresses and turn inward. The video offers yet another dimension to the inspired approach to mindful practice. “Mindful Intentions” is meant to provide powerful tools for the reader to discover a deeper experience of peace, balance, joy, and healing. Mindful Intention, 9781401946111, Schwartzberg, Louie: Books. (I’ve added this for copyright infringement purposes.) Reading this excerpt may have changed my rigid idea about Brainspotting. Sorry for the long post. Thank you for sharing your blogs in this community. They open my mind to new ideas and possibilities.

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