My Proposal for Federal Term Limits

I say term limits for all federal level political offices, set up in this way:

SCOTUS- One 12 year term, with the requirement that a justice retires by 70 years of age (which is the case for Massachusetts SJC justices). This means that, if a judge is older than 58 when appointed, their term will be shorter than 12 years. (Just think, Justice Thomas would have been gone from the bench over four years ago already.)

All other federal justices- One 12 year term, with the possibility of 70 years age of retirement requirement as well.

U.S. Senators- Two 6 year terms, then no more time in the Senate.

U.S. Representatives- Five or six terms of 2 years each, then no more time in the House.

U.S. President- Leave term limits as is. I used to think of changing this office to being one 6 year term, but now I think otherwise. Having Trump in office for another two years would have been that much more disastrous. Let voters continue to decide if a president should have a second 4 year term.

If someone wins a special election during mid term of a newly deceased or outgoing senator or representative, that remaining time counts as a whole term. No tagging on an extra partial term to a whole 10 or 12 years of term limits.

Add at least a four year lag time rule for how soon a former U.S. senator or rep. can join a lobbying firm after leaving office, if they are allowed to join one at all.

Short of implementing a Constitutional amendment for all of the above to be enshrined into law, I don’t think there is any other way to make these changes happen. Still, I like to dream.

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