EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is brilliantly done. It’s fun, poignant, riveting, hilarious, exciting, thought-provoking, and often frenetic but tolerably so. What a cleverly written, beautifully filmed hybrid of Chinese-style martial arts, sci-fi action adventure, and comedy genres all rolled into one. The way the screenplay runs wild with the premise of multiple universes for each existing person (though namely Michelle Yeoh’s character, the heroine) to draw experience and consciousness from and navigate through had me both amused and feeling glued to my seat. My curiosity remained engaged throughout. I haven’t seen a recent movie with so much originality as this one contains in a very long time.

The whole cast is terrific but Michelle Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu, playing mother and daughter, respectively, take the cake. There is no white, hyper masculine leading man to save the day, which is different and refreshing.

I highly recommend this thrilling cinematic spectacle.

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