Adios, Adam Rippon

Adios, Adam Rippon. I had fun following you with your pretty face and pretentiously fun camera closeups. But, the recent reel of yourself prattling on about the difficulties of being rich and deciding not to have children because you don’t want to have to explain to them why they have three nannies while so many children don’t, well, that went beyond the pale of tolerable ignorance and insensitivity for me. One person posted this comment to you: “Rude.” That about summed it up.

Now, I can have more space on my Facebook and Instagram feeds and in my brain to fill with something better or nothing at all, which amounts to the same: better. Ah, the power of choice to unfollow with a single finger tap. 👇

4 thoughts on “Adios, Adam Rippon

  1. First, I want to thank you for the large print posts. It makes them so much easier to read. I can’t imagine how naughty three kids could possibly be to need three nannies or how pretentious one would have to be to write such a post. It did give me a laugh though. His foresight may be right in his decision not to have any children since his first thought was to make sure he had enough nannies to take care of them. Unbelievable!

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    1. You’re welcome for the large print posts. : ) I like the large print too.

      You picked up on the humor Adam Rippon surely intended to convey in this video reel post of his. Usually, his tongue-in-cheek, always smiling to almost smiling presentation is charming. But, his words this time overrode his intended humor and charm. He didn’t reference how many theoretical children of his would be assigned three nannies. But, whether its three to one child or one nanny each for three children, he was, as you say, being “unbelievable.”

      The older I get, the less tolerance and time I have to waste it on baloney.

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    1. Oh, okay. I read your earlier comment and understood that your statement, “It did give me a laugh, though,” was in reference to my post about unfollowing Adam Rippon, not in response to anything he actually said (or what I reported him as saying). I’m glad I can give you a laugh. : )

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