FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE was so-so. Most of the time, the actors seemed to sleep walk through the movie, their emotional expressions competent but shallow. I think this was largely due to a mostly tedious, vapid script. The CGI effects (including interesting make believe animals) were fun and imaginative. And some moments elicited a chuckle from me. But, I largely didn’t care much about the characters or the good witches and wizards vs. evil witches and wizards storyline. The villain was clearly a Trump-like character, trying to cheat his way into having absolute power. What else is new?

I hope this series is done, but the end of this movie left open the possibility of yet another sequel. Enough already.


  1. I agree–I thought the script was awful. Unfortunately, some rumors say was to be a 5-script deal…maybe no longer because this one was such a relative flop. Duh, if I’m recalling the original book at all well, Rowling et. al. left it mostly behind as each film was made. Bad idea usually; I think this happened too with the cinematic version of Game of Thrones).

    Usually, decent actors can make even a bad script come alive, but most of them didn’t seem up to the task in this film. I’d really looked forward to it; I’ve enjoyed the previous ones. Still, I enjoy watching Eddie Redmayne at his craft, and I think Dan Fogler has done a terrific job creating the Jacob Kowalski character!

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    1. Thank you for your great comment!

      I agree, Eddie Redmayne is a great thespian in whatever work he does. He had me chuckling over his hip-gyrations alongside the lobster/scorpion critters in the slimy dungeon-prison scenes.

      Dear Dan Fogler is so adorable and lovable as Jacob Kowalski. And yet, I felt a bit of pity for Redmayne’s and Fogler’s characters as they plodded through such drivel of a script.

      Two more movies maybe produced in this series, eh? Well, I hope they are better than this latest installment, by the gods.


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