My Response to the SCOTUS Striking Down Roe v. Wade And Further Loosening Gun Ownership Restrictions

I’m for term limits across the board for every federal office holder, including those who are appointed. I’ve also long been for electoral reform, such as getting private money out of politics and neutralizing the Electoral College. We’re not living in a true representative democracy any longer. Some would say we haven’t for a while. I think the Citizens United SCOTUS decision basically killed the vestiges of that. Call it what it now is, an oligarchy. And there is no “united” like our country’s name suggests. (I’m not sure how “united” America ever really was.) There are alliances among states, a patchwork of sorts. Not so great, but rather realistic in such a large country with a steadily increasing plurality of peoples.

The desire by a sizable, active and vocal minority to “unite” the country by authoritarianism (with a uniquely so-called “Christian” brand here) is historically predictable. The oligarchs at the top like this occurring among the comparatively poorer masses, as it enables them to further consolidate their stranglehold on resources and power. Again, we have arrived at an oligarchy. Yesterday’s SCOTUS decisions on abortion access and gun ownership reflect this. One is extremely, nonsensically restrictive while the other will add to even more dangerous chaos (though both outcomes will do this, sadly). The oligarchs are surely smugly smiling over these further diversions away from their societally damaging means of functioning. Let’s all be honest with ourselves and each other about the reality we now live in.

2 thoughts on “My Response to the SCOTUS Striking Down Roe v. Wade And Further Loosening Gun Ownership Restrictions

  1. I was 16 years old when Roe vs Wade made headlines and was quite relieved because the stories of butchery attached to unlawful abortions left me fearful for those women who needed them. Scenes of those ghastly images and the sense of impotence returned with the current verdict. As far as gun control goes, every time I hear of mass murder in a school or other place, fear and sadness return, reinforcing the sense of powerlessness and futility that anything can ever be done to stop the tortured souls who resort to that ultimate sin. Thank you for sharing your definition/understanding of oligarchy. I never heard that word before.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for your thoughtful, deeply personal response. I’m glad I introduced you to a new word. Just to be clear, an oligarchy is a system of government in which a group of people hold power over everyone else in a state/country/society. Corporate oligarchy is where the very wealthy owners of large amounts of resources, within the capitalist corporation structure, hold power, including over elected representatives of government. Sadly, George Orwell, who wrote NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, was very much onto something.

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