Mini Movie Review: DORIAN GRAY (2009)

The 2009 movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY was very good. Simply titled DORIAN GRAY, the production diverges from the book in places but the overall essence of Wilde’s story is retained. Ben Barnes superbly portrays the hedonistic Dorian Gray. Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton seems to believably savor the role of Dorian’s cynical, bad influence mentor. The entire British cast is, not surprisingly, excellent.

The beautiful cinematography, period piece costumes, haunting lighting and camera filtering made me feel like I was entering a different world and time. Well-thought-out and crafted films, such as this, have such an intended effect.

I appreciated the overt homoeroticism in places. This probably at least somewhat reflects the more recently published, unexpurgated version of Wilde’s 1890 masterpiece. I have yet to read this more complete one the author had originally written and now very much want to. Despite the somewhat needlessly heavy-handed, clunky climax, overall, I was emotionally moved at times and effectively low-grade creeped out by this generally enthralling work of cinema. 

2 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review: DORIAN GRAY (2009)

  1. The part I remember most from watching this movie was my distaste for Lord Henry because of his influence over Dorian which continued throughout the movie. The constant cigarette smoking for some reason left a bad taste in my mouth. The darkness of the scenes lent a suspenseful eerie sense that reminded me of a Masterpiece Theatre production. All in all, I found the movie thoroughly entertaining.

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