I just finished reading Scarlett St. Clair’s erotic fantasy romance KING OF BATTLE AND BLOOD, which was a lot of fun and even— surprisingly— emotionally moving in a few places. I liked the author’s creative way of having vampire and human societies existing side by side and even mingling together. I only care to read about vampires on occasion. But, this written rendering of them was interesting, particularly of the leading male character. The heroine, who is human/mortal and narrates the story, is a kick ass warrior princess who becomes a gutsy queen. This book is very lesbian and gay affirming, and witch affirming as well.

Hardcore conservative Christians will want to stay away from this deliciously naughty page turner.

2 thoughts on “Mini Book Review (KING OF BATTLE AND BLOOD)

  1. I would imagine that this “deliciously naughty page-turner” may pique the curiosity of even the staunchest of Christians. Alas, their fear of going straight to hell may prevent them from assuaging that curiosity.

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