THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (or what I’ve renamed THE MATRIX NON-ERECTIONS) was ridiculous and progressively lame with its self consciously making fun of itself unevenly mixed in with an often earnest narrative. Keanu Reeves as Neo, the protagonist, looked tired and miserable, which mirrored my own sense of weariness over this emotionally hollow, pointlessly action-packed movie. I could not help but wonder if, like his character, Reeves felt reluctant to be in such a nonsensical drama.

Neil Patrick Harris was increasingly annoying as a deceitful, smug psychiatrist, the Analyst, who controls much of what goes on in the Matrix.

I found myself not caring about the characters and overproduced CGI visuals of the film’s portrayal of a heavily mechanized dystopian future, from out of which the computer created world of illusion, the Matrix, exists. I can see why one of the two Wachowski sisters, both of who wrote and created the first three MATRIX movies, had nothing to do with making this fourth— and hopefully final— installment. The series ran its creative course by the third movie. I suppose this is ultimately an infomercial for the latest MATRIX video game. Ah, what still gets made anyway in hopes of squeezing out more profit from an idea and concept run dry.

2 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review: THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS

  1. Glad for your review; now I know I can give this one a miss. I loved the Matrix trilogy (although not all equally), and couldn’t imagine what someone would do with a new fourth film that would be additive/creative. You’ve confirmed my cynicism about how likely it would be the gross scrabbling for $$$ that drives the resurrections (lol pun!) and often cheapening of past richly creative material versus the imagining of something genuinely new… it’s like capitalistic vampirism.

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