Mini Movie Review: TO SIR, WITH LOVE

To wind down from the work week and honor the recently deceased Sidney Poitier, I watched TO SIR, WITH LOVE (1967), which I last saw in 1983 on a little black and white TV. While Mr. Poitier was elegant, beautiful, and poised, as he always comes across on screen, this script was sadly dated in places and largely idealized fantasy. Mr. Poitier’s character’s slut shaming comments and sexist remarking about the importance of makeup for women had me cringing inside. And the sudden conversion of the rough, inner city students into devotees to their teacher (Poitier) was, well, verging on silly. That said, such an unrealistic, feel good story was just what I needed, like eating comfort food, but in this case for my eyes and brain. What was believable were all the women in the film— be they passengers on a bus, students, and a few other teachers— who all found darling Sidney’s character very attractive. He was easy on the eyes and listening to his pleasant voice and laugh felt soothing. The movie was a good excuse to showcase a particularly gorgeous, graceful person, where nothing else really mattered (even though this is ethically, politically neglectful). Sometimes I just need a dose of 1960s superficiality. Lulu’s singing the adorable, wholesome title song and the British setting and supporting cast were all lovely bonuses.

3 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review: TO SIR, WITH LOVE

  1. 🤣 Your “comfort food” for the eyes and brain, and a needed dose of superficiality evoked a giggle of sympathetic recognition…I call my version “potato chip reading.”

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  2. Your review is delightful. You’ve written about a film I love. Dated films and dated books offer a glimpse into times past that I greatly appreciate. And having the film made in the time referenced helps. TO SIR, WITH LOVE is of the time it was created. Sidney Poitier was a wonderful person. Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier took their fame seriously and used it for the betterment of others. Thank you for this review. Thanks for pointing out some of the reasons I love it.


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