Brief Thoughts on Leaving Behind the Ladder of Hierarchy Mentality

Modern industrialized cultures continue to be so invested in the dynamic of dominance by some over others, who, according to their gender, skin color, and assortment of other characteristics (such as socioeconomic status), are each placed somewhere along the rung of an ancient hierarchical ladder. Every nation has its own nuanced version of this set up. I’ve spent much of my adulthood empowering people— including myself— to get away from this ladder mentality as much as possible. Clearly, many would rather kill and be killed than give up this outdated, harmful worldview.

2 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Leaving Behind the Ladder of Hierarchy Mentality

  1. That last bit is so very and sadly true. Cultures of dominance seem to perpetuate themselves endlessly not only in the larger societies but also even in smaller groups that describe themselves as egalitarian etc. It constantly unpleasantly surprises me. Our world needs more people like you who work each day to empower yourself and others to imagine new ways of being that are not tied to dominance and hierarchy.

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