Scary Dog Moment

Two nights ago, during my evening power walk, I experienced some interesting encounters. Someone’s pit bull mix came charging at me on one of the neighborhood streets I stroll along every night. Fortunately, between my shouting the dog down and her owner’s commands, I was not bitten. A short while later, the owner caught up with me in her car and apologized profusely and repeatedly. It turned out she’s pregnant and I’m the second passerby the canine had recently gone after as if out for blood. I explained that her dog can smell and sense her owner’s pregnancy and is in protector mode. I also angrily emphasized that the local leash law must be upheld. The owner promised to always follow that rule from now on. We introduced ourselves and she said she never wants me to feel afraid to walk on the street on which she, her husband, and their dog live. I calmed down and walked some extra blocks— including uphill— to thoroughly unwind.

Life has its little surprises, but still is good.

2 thoughts on “Scary Dog Moment

  1. Scary experience; I’m sorry you had it. I adore most dogs, but I do not trust pits (and a few other breeds with whom I’ve had very frightening and harmful encounters) no matter how often their owners claim they are sweet and wonderful. I hope you will soon have a loving and friendly doggie encounter to replace this one in your brain!

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  2. You’d never catch me walking alone in the dark at night or at least no further than my car. I admire your courage for continuing on. Honestly, my heart would have been pounding in my ears and I’d be racing for home as fast as I could. Kudos to you for understanding the dog’s need to protect the owner and thank God she was willing to admit her need to obey the leash law. Perhaps, a can of mace is in order!

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