Healing as a Form of Magic

It’s been said elsewhere that magic is a change in consciousness. Healing is one such form of magic. Also, magic equally involves both the recipient and the initiator of it, whereby both parties are directly affected.

I am so grateful to be doing healing work, which truly often feels magical. I’m healing while my clients are too. Thank the gods for this calling I’m in (trauma psychotherapist) whilst so much of the world around us is scarily out of control. I may not have much effectiveness directly out there. But, more up close in my life, I’m reminded that I wield good healing power, which I handle with utmost care and respect.

4 thoughts on “Healing as a Form of Magic

  1. Change of consciousness and healing as forms of magic. What an epiphany and how true it feels when we are fortunate enough to experience them. The effectiveness you create directly out there (planting seeds) shows up one individual at a time and the masses benefit from that healing power being passed on over and over again as your clients share that knowledge. The care and respect you’ve shown me is not only an example for me to follow but ones to pass on. Thank you for being you. You’ve taught me how to trust again one tiny step at a time.

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  2. After reading this again, I realized the most important form of trust was for myself. No matter how horrific life can be, that sense that I am OK will break through any uncertainty I may be harboring. Thank you again, Sean, for being there for me in trying times and for those times when life’s reminders of past trauma seep through.

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