Movie Review: I AM DRAGON

The Russian language movie I AM DRAGON (2015) is often a visual poem. It is that beautifully made. Based on a Russian fairytale, the story is quite simple: A nobleman’s daughter is kidnapped by a dragon on her wedding day, thus resuming a horrifying tradition the villagers had thought ended a few generations back. The young bride-to-be must then contend with living on an enchanted isle where she soon finds out there is far more to the hosting dragon than initially meets the eye. Emotional intrigue and opening of hearts ensue.

There are definitely parallels in this story with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Cinematography and CGI weave gracefully together throughout this colorful production along with solid– often purposefully dramatic– acting by the two attractive leads (Maria Poezzhaeva and Matvey Lykov) and supporting cast. But, then, dramatic situations so often elicit dramatic responses. Well-crafted sets (CGI enhanced in places) and lovely costumes round out the exquisiteness of this film.

I’m humbly reminded here and by a few other recently-viewed productions that America is not the only producer of well-made high tech. movies, including those that excel in both style/look and emotional substance. I AM DRAGON is one such cinema masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: I AM DRAGON

  1. After a whirlwind of emotions from an overactive imagination, I was able to settle into watching this movie without covering my eyes and feeling my heart pounding and found the cinematography beautiful and the storyline quite exciting. Many times, I forget it is a movie I’m watching and not a real-life story. Once I remember it is all fantasy, the scary scenes aren’t so terrifying. I think my favorite part was when they were setting up house and dressing up in all those fancy outfits. Even now after seeing it, I read your post and realize I forgot it was based on a fairytale. I’ve been reading these foreign movies for some time now and for most of the movie, I get so caught up in it, I don’t even realize if I am still reading it. I’m just wondering if most people feel the same way. Thank you for sharing this wonderful movie and commentary which I find fascinating.

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