A Lovely Day

I spent a lovely day with my husband shopping for assorted necessities plus a pretty bird bath (pictured), which we then set up by one of two trees in our yard. We capped it all off by taking a pleasant evening walk in the neighborhood. I observed how the next phase of plants and trees are blooming, the bulbs along people’s lawns having peaked some weeks ago.

Amidst a culture peppered with so much Drumpf-inspired Sturm und Drang idiocy, I’m continuously grateful to be living La Dolce Vita of sorts in a peaceful, largely sensible-filled immediate community. (How’s that for a pretentious mix of literary and cinema references?)

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Day

  1. What a beautiful birdbath, unlike the concrete one we had when I was a child, many moons ago. I’m curious who’s going to get cleanup duty. I remember waking up to see the many varieties of birds splashing around and the occasional squirrel chasing them away. “Sturm and Drang” – storm and stress – turmoil, sent me back to the dictionary. “La Dolce Vita” – the sweet life – the good life – made me curious about the people who live there who are not a part of the “largely sensible” community. That “pretentious” mix of literary and cinema references made me giggle. As far as Drumpf goes, I’ve come to see him as a mixture of offputting parts that he is either blinded to or just doesn’t give a sh– how people view him. Your eclectic way of writing has certainly kept this girl on her toes. The “apple does not fall far from the tree” comes to mind each time I read one of your posts. The lessons you’ve taught me have been such a welcome respite. Thank you!

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    1. I’m glad you like my bird bath. I’ll be happy to clean it up, which won’t be much. In regards to my neighborhood, there are a few Drumpf supporters here and there, hence my “largely sensible” descriptor. However, so far, they seem to quietly behave and keep to themselves like the rest of us do who live here– so far. I agree with you about your assessment of Drumpf. However, I would add that I think he is very disturbed with malignant narcissism, constantly indulging his deeply wounded parts from out of their pain, which continues to not be healed at all. Very sad, ultimately. And you’re welcome for my “lessons” you speak of. Thank you for reading and your– as always– thoughtful comments.


  2. Oh my gosh–I saw that same birdbath when shopping for one online, and thought about sending you a picture of it because I know you like peacocks! What a weird synchronicity! Love the mixed up references–playful, not pretentious, and actually quite fitting for the chaotic, conflicting times we’re living through. I think the only way for all of us to manage is to find what dolce vita we can amidst all the sturm and drang.Trees, flowers, birds and animals, small kindnesses, oases of beauty, and within us the simple but powerful energy of being alive and able to experience love and gratitude.

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