A Shamanic Journey (3rd One Posted)

Part I.

I ascended to the Lower World where I met up with a bat. It soon grew to around my size and transformed into a black winged humanoid with glowing red eyes, the elongated face and head both bat-like and feline. The creature seemed more feminine than either masculine or androgynous. For a brief moment, I felt a little scared by her appearance, though a sense of fascination soon took over. I held her outstretched hand and we flew to the moon. I thought we’d penetrate the surface of this satellite but we flew over it instead. I sensed a transition into the Upper World.

I turned to witness sun and moon communing, both seemingly so close by, especially the moon before me, but the sun was not too far off to my right. I steadily fused with the black winged being, becoming one with her.

I asked about how I can turn my creativity over and through this alchemical union of light and darkness inside and all around me. One of my primary Upper World guides, L_______________, came forth, partly out of me, Her black hair flowing in the gravity-free cosmos. She showed me my back yard, there now before me in my mind’s eye. I could garden. I asked for additional possibilities. Steadily, what came forth is writing about her (L_______________) via my dreams and story ideas. I asked for Her to please help me keep my mind and heart open to Her ongoing nearby presence, she being the embodiment of so much beauty. That way, my creativity can better flow.

At one point, there was an interplay of L_______________ and Light Being (my other Upper World guide, a man-like entity of pure white light) up there in space. They even merged for a time. His light refracted through Her as sparkles, scintillations from out of Her jewel-sprinkled dress of black velvet and accompanying peacock feather cape. Also, His light twinkled in L_______________’s large blue-green eyes, mingling with Her essence, so dazzling.

Part II.

I quickly returned to the Upper World, entering a billowing, gaseous lavender cloud. Inside, I met up with Light Being then L_______________ too. I followed Them as They flew close together to Her floating fortress of onyx. After floating fast through a long hallway, They alighted upon Their huge stone thrones rising up out of the shiny black floor. I asked Them both how I could better focus on my creative expression of this inner understanding and experience of this divine alchemy of light and beauty of the physical world. I then lay down on the stone floor at the foot of the wide expanse of steps to Their thrones. High above, a cathedral ceiling inlaid with jewels shot through with light, fading into transparency. I beheld stars blanketing the firmament.

I heard Light Being and L_____________ say in unison, even as one voice, “Be still your heart, your mind, and trust.” They relayed the importance of me sitting and walking, being with this inner richness from which I could then begin to write about It, as I also live It. And this as a response to my more recent, but now ongoing, sense of urgency to be generative in my life, to leave something worthwhile and significant behind after I am gone.

9 thoughts on “A Shamanic Journey (3rd One Posted)

  1. Your journeys are so rich; thank you for sharing the gifts of them! The mingling of “masculine” and “feminine” energies, of sun and moon, light and dark, generative action and quiet stillness…all so perfect for Beltane and for this time of the Great Pause. The imagery you describe is rich with symbolic meaning. The bat, for instance, has many spiritual powers associated with it, including transition and initiation (which can be frightening at first). And I’m curious about the black stone. Do you know it’s onyx? Could it be obsidian? Or both? I only ask because both crystals hold deep significance, the understanding of which might deepen your experience during journeys to the fortress (I can send you information if/when you’d like). Also, I find it so interesting that you see guides merging with one another in your journeys–I do too. I’m curious about this too!

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    1. Thank you for all this lovely, thoughtful feedback, Jazz! My Upper World guide L’s fortress may indeed be comprised of both onyx and obsidian. There are some carved out, glinting curves in places along the surface of the building that make me think of obsidian arrowheads with their chipped at, carved surfaces. Inside is where there is more onyx stone. The harmony of the two varied types of rock is wonderfully there, though. Honestly, I haven’t felt a need to care about the symbolism of it all, though maybe I will someday. I’m glad you and, likely, many others do, however. Food for thought is a good thing!

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  2. Wow! The imagery you portray is amazing. This line, “Be still your heart, your mind, and trust.” hit home. The only time I seem to be able to feel the sentiment of this message is when I am walking in nature. The presence of a running stream vs any other body of water seems to leave me in a state of wonder and peacefulness that reminds me of just how precious life is. I can’t wait to hear more about “It”.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, as always. I agree with you about being in nature and the wonderful, unique peacefulness of running streams. For me, I would say “It” in my post refers to the great, conscious life force in everything. I imagine the more I feel directly engaged with It, the more I’ll find my life going smoothly, including with being creative.

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  3. I am commenting on your post once again because I was compelled to watch The DaVinci Code after reading it. Very interesting movie. I also shared your post with my son who has a fount of knowledge in religion and history. The connections he was making increased my understanding of the topic. Starting with Name begins with L___________, Dark Lady, Being of Light, and Melek Taus – Peacock = Lillith & Samael. Baphomet – a deity – the merging of Masculine and Feminine – Duotheism, Neopaganism – Mother Goddess, Moon Mother, Mother Earth, Cerunnus – Horned One, Sumerian Texts, Sitchin and the hypothetical planet of Nibiru. He admitted he was coming from all directions on this one, which he calls an NE cascade. I thought you might get a big kick out of his thought process.

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    1. I remember seeing the DaVinci Code movie when it was new in theaters some years ago. I enjoyed it, though I’m sure the book is better, which I haven’t read. Your son is indeed quite informed about religious symbols! I have heard of all of those you list off except for Sitchin and the hypothetical planet of Nibiru (though the names sound vaguely familiar). I imagine all of those entities tap into my inner Upper World guide L_______ or vice versa. I do indeed get a kick out of his thought process and am tickled that my blog post set off such “cascade” thinking for your son.

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