Two Dreams I Had Before Waking Up Today


I dreamt I was both witnessing and going in and out of being a woman in Hawaii, or some other Pacific island, getting initiated into the indigenous culture’s shamanic swimming cult/association. This was a great honor. The woman appeared Caucasian and was a world renowned champion swimmer, or this was strongly implied. Her hair was long, thick, wavy, and blonde. She sported a tan and thick, excellent muscle tone. I was often beside her, but sometimes seemingly her. There were some fascinating underwater scenes which have already pretty much faded from my memory, as so often happens after I wake up from a dream. Somehow, I think this woman had a special round tattoo drawn on her skin, like the kind the Maori create, but I could be recalling this wrong. She/I had to swim to various places as part of her/my initiation. At one point, there was a row or group of swarthy native men in leaf or grass skirts. I think they were overseeing this rite, ensuring it was all going correctly. The overall feeling was that something of great importance was occurring. The earth would be healed with this great gesture and the woman’s/my life would never be the same. She/I would be part of something big, an old lineage of stewardship of the ocean and connection with mysterious spirits of this realm. Sometimes we/I were on land by the water, sometimes looking up a cliff edge while bobbing along in the waves. We/I saw seaweed covered rocks below the water. There may have been sea creatures, but I don’t remember.

I wake up but then go back to sleep.


Later, shortly before I woke up for the day this morning, I dreamt I could fly, though awkwardly at first and not very far. Around and below me stretched a green field for miles in every direction, mountains in the distance. Some man was narrating the scene, explaining how if you shrink to a small size (about a foot in length or even smaller) and become wispy like the fairies, you can fly with ease and very high, up to ten thousand feet with no safety issues (re: atmospheric pressure, oxygen sufficiency, etc.). I began to see the sky fill with wisps, people venturing to fly high and free. I consciously made myself shrink, lighten, and promptly rise up on the wind currents. I stretched out my body and flew high with grace and confidence, the tips of tall evergreen trees growing increasingly far below me.

I awake and soon get up for the day.

7 thoughts on “Two Dreams I Had Before Waking Up Today

  1. FABULOUS! You were journeying in your sleep! And such profound experiences in the elements of water and air. Perhaps you’ll find ways to reconnect with those experiences by embodying yourself in relation to those elements. Thank you for sharing these beautiful experiences. Dream reality is yet another alternate reality the quantum self makes in quantum reality…

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  2. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. The only time I had such vivid dreams was when I ate something heavy before bedtime but never any that could be described with such specific details or with such beautiful imagery, I imagine you wouldn’t really want to wake up from those precious moments. I do remember waking up from dreams that were so comforting that I wished I could fall back asleep again to regain that feeling. I think the buoyancy in swimming or floating (which I did endlessly in our pool as a kid), and flying in the sky (much like a snowflake falling) leaves us with a sense of weightlessness in our minds, bodies, and souls that is so freeing and intoxicating at the same time. I have to admit I escaped into daydreams much of the time as a child to capture those feelings again. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and imagination in such a wonderful way. An escape into another place that only you can create and share gives the rest of us a special place to visit and a chance to imagine just how enriching life can be.

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