Another Shamanic Journey (2nd One Posted)

I went to the Upper World into a mass of warm white energy in the cosmos. I met up with Light Being, a tall male figure simply comprised of white light, one of my main spirit guides. I asked him how my own inner light comes forth. He responded by transporting us to a place of redwoods with pristine, red-topped Amanita muscarias carpeting the deep brown forest floor. He told me my open heart holds much light, expressed through care and empathy of others, allowing them to heal. I also got the sense of how my love of beauty all around is light. Briefly, Light Being then telepathically showed me some (likely/possible) alien humanoids issuing forth from a giant tube made up of organic matter, like a hollow vine. These were beings, teachers, comprised almost entirely of pure light, mixing with the rest of humanity, helping to evoke the unique inner light from each of us. Perhaps they are invisible to the naked eye.

My attention returned to the surrounding redwoods. Through the trees ahead, I gazed out upon a sweeping valley and mountain range beyond, all under a bright sun in a clear sky. A cluster of butterflies flew by. Clarity and unity spread before me in this crisp, fresh day, bringing me both calm and excitement. The play of light from the sun and shading from the forest embodied my love of joy and beauty found in nature, particularly now that it is spring. The wondrousness of light was held next to shadow and form, as it is in each of us.

I returned from this journey feeling a sense of completeness and satisfaction.

4 thoughts on “Another Shamanic Journey (2nd One Posted)

  1. Beautiful! I’m deeply intrigued by the image of light beings emerging from a tube of organic matter. There’s something exquisitely powerful in this birthinglike/energetic tunnel image that resonates with some things I’ve seen in journeys.

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