On Living From My Heart

My work gives me a pulse on where a cross section of people are at during any given time. Many are tired and emotionally frayed more than they were just a few weeks ago. They’re also valiantly facing each day doing whatever needs to be done as best they can. I’m honored to witness, support, and otherwise heal where I can. The burden of this pandemic is a heavy one to bear for a lot of us, no matter the amount of silver linings there are to be found from out of this crisis, and there are indeed many.

One thing for sure has happened for me recently: I finally more deeply understand the true meaning of living and speaking from the heart. And, thanks to this pandemic reminding me of how fleeting life is, I fully intend to get better at doing these with every passing day.

I wish everyone reading this safety and wellness.

3 thoughts on “On Living From My Heart

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings that I find so much solace in. There’s nothing like a major crisis to make us realize what is truly important in life. Like it or not, we have no choice but to move on and that road will be much smoother if we can manage to keep our minds and hearts open to all possibilities. Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera comes to mind. Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy journey during these trying times.

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