More Momentary Political Musings

Perhaps the U.S. presidency will eventually become more of a figurehead position than anything else, like the Queen of England is over Parliament. That would be fine with me, particularly if grouped together (i.e., pact-made) states carry more power. The U.S. is too large with its major regional differences (e.g., the South vs. New England or the West Coast) to run very effectively anyway. Let corporations have to contend with more regionalized cooperative governments who collectively lean more Democrat. As a few large united fronts, these pacts can push back against those corporations more effectively. Of course, this would all depend on just how close-knit such coalitions could and would become in working harmoniously. Right now, a world pandemic crisis that we’re in has me thinking of how crises, by nature, catalyze energy and focus to make major changes that are usually viewed by most as impossible or, at best, very slow to happen. Still, it’s nice to dream. Again, my imagination takes me places…

2 thoughts on “More Momentary Political Musings

  1. This is quite an interesting idea to contemplate. I wonder if it would lessen corporate persuasion and the number of lobbyists involved in every decision our elected officials make. The need to cut through so much red tape to get this country running more effectively and efficiently especially in times like these is so important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important matter especially since I seem to have a bit of tunnel vision where politics are concerned.

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