Brief Praise and Rant About the Recent Oscars

I was glad to see Joaquin Phoenix win an Oscar for JOKER and Renee Zellweger win one for JUDY. Both were well-deserved for the incredible transformation they each made in their leading roles. However, I was disappointed that Tom Hanks did not win Best Supporting Actor for A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. He was powerfully, touchingly transformed as Mr. Rogers. Brad Pitt, who competently played a comparatively far less dynamic character in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, garnered a clearly undeserved win next to Hanks. The Academy has long been so uneven and peculiar in its awarding choices.

3 thoughts on “Brief Praise and Rant About the Recent Oscars

  1. I don’t watch TV often so when I saw the Academy Awards were coming on, I decided to watch it. I thought I might see some of the movies you critiqued. I kept falling asleep and I woke up when Brad Pitt was getting his Oscar. I didn’t like the way they showed scenes of the movies. I expected them to be on a big screen. Some of the movies they showed bits of did seem interesting, especially the Independent films.

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    1. I haven’t watched the Oscars in decades. I find them too drawn out and, as I already stated, uneven with being fair. What I didn’t mention, though, is how politicized they get in terms of why and when actors are granted awards. Someone nominated finally gets an award after being passed over several times. But, the movie they’re finally awarded an Oscar for is not their best work. Also, I imagine that some actors get passed over for more subtle reasons, such as because of their political activism work, some areas of activism being a big “No no” to even the Hollywood establishment.

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