Below is from the upcoming movie, and then adapted graphic novel, I MARRIED A WRITER (dedicated to my patient husband and all of you married/life committed to writers, you poor dears):

– SEE your honey typing for hours while you go about
your business and try to get their attention!

– HEAR them read aloud to you from their latest project– yet

– FEEL helpless and frustrated when they tell you for the
countless time how tired they are from staying up

– ASK your sweetie, like you’ve often done before, “You’re
writing about THAT??”

– SMELL burning toast filling the house while your darling
forgot all about it because they were distracted at their
computer, again!

– SLAP your life partner upside the head– or KISS them
passionately– and notice very little response because they’re
totally engrossed in whatever it is they’re typing!

– FIND yourself wondering, “Will my life ever be normal

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