Celebrating Inner Light Vs. Toxic Engagement

I do my best to discern when and how to steer clear from those who would eat up and/or extinguish my inner light rather than celebrate it while also joyfully sharing their own for me to then celebrate in return. I think of this dynamic as a natural positive circular, even orbicular, flow of positivity. Through some application of basic mindfulness with oneself and, by extension, others, this can be pleasantly, spontaneously maintained with each and every interaction. When there is an instance that this flow is blocked/not at all an option, then prompt and maximally peaceful disengagement as soon as possible is indicated. Sometimes, such disengagement can and does take a while. Other times, it’s wonderfully quick. In the meantime, drawing from awareness of all the actual love one feels for and receives from others/the universe can assist in getting one through any difficulty of leaving a toxic exchange.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Inner Light Vs. Toxic Engagement

  1. It’s taken me a bit of time to get back to this one. Before I forget, great picture on this page and I loved the one with all the yellow in it with the light streaming in. Perfect pictures for the subject matter. The ability to hold on to our inner peace when someone we care about is acting a little nuts is certainly a challenge. My favorite phrase that I learned in my 20’s was “This too shall pass”. Then again, the Serenity Prayer brings me back to the place I need to be when something or someone outside myself has managed to break through that peaceful state I choose to live in and from. I think this comes with maturity, don’t you? Or possibly self-healing?
    You truly are an inspiration to me. Thank you for encouraging me to be a creative person and for setting such a great example.

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  2. I am intrigued by your conception of this cycle as “orbicular.” Curious how you see this vs. “circular.” Mostly curious because in my bizarre psychic landscape, circular didn’t work and I haven’t been able to find the right word to express a sphere of light energy in constant flux and flow. Wondering if that resonates?

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    1. For me, circular connotes two dimensionality, whereas orbicular is a four dimensional state of flow. Time and movement feel inflected/factored in with this term/concept, whereas spherical, for me, connotes a static or frozen state. Until another term better succinctly defines for me what I am trying to get at in this brief piece I wrote, “orbicular” is what fits best here. Spoken and written English language is so wonderful, but, of course, even it falls short at times at best describing human experience, especially the less physically tangible domain of it.


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