Appreciating True Self Nature

When I met the man who would later become my husband, I loved him right away. I was instantly able to feel and see his angelic/Buddha/bodhisattva/Christ-like/true Self nature and accept the deep blessing of sharing the rest of my life with him.

I have spent my lifetime trying to see and engage with the true Self/higher/Christ-like/angelic/Buddha nature in everyone around me. Initially, I did not realize this was what I was doing. It has been in turns for me adventurous, surprising, awkward, rough, wonderful, enraging, disappointing, educating, inspiring, and probably eliciting of every possible emotional and mental state you can think of. This journey has been incredible and continues to be as I hone my ever imperfect ability to notice, encourage, appreciate, and simply be with more and more people’s true Self natures, including my own, whether I am working with them in my psychotherapy practice or simply engaging with others in my daily life.

4 thoughts on “Appreciating True Self Nature

  1. “true Self/higher/Christ-like/angelic/Buddha nature” it’s so funny that there are so many words for the same reality…and how many of these words come with so many connotations and cultural connections as to make them seem quite different.

    Our world would be an amazing place if everyone followed the path you describe.

    I have to say I always struggle with the tension between tuning into the essence of a person and honoring and connecting with that versus managing the quotidian interactions (and all their requirements for communication and behavior) with those same people. So often I can tune into the essence and want to respond to a person in that way, but the person’s talk or behavior is totally out of sync with that and requires a different approach–one that doesn’t have that golden-glowy energy of love-essence/divine self, et. al.)

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    1. I resonate with what you say very much here. For me, I have begun to see and understand the core common essence of shared meaning with each of those listed off terms. As for the rest of what you state, yes, I too find it challenging at times to interact with people due to what you describe. However, what I find myself perceiving and treasuring more each day– no matter what the outer context/responses, etc. from the other(s) before me– is their core true Self (etc.) nature, even if the situation at hand doesn’t quite warrant me explicitly, directly expressing appreciation of this.


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