On Making Amends

Earlier today, I wrote and sent out my first letter of amends and appreciation to someone from my distant past. They were a good teacher to me when I really needed compassion and support, which they gave out kindly and generously, among other things. But, at the time they were in my then quite troubled life, I do not recall expressing much, if any, genuine appreciation and sufficient respect for all they did for me. I let them know how I’ve grown aware of all this, thanked them from the depth of my heart, and apologized for my ingratitude back then.

A short while ago, I then sent an email to a long-time friend, apologizing for how callously I conducted myself with them over a particular matter early in our knowing each other. I thanked them for their patience and unwavering friendship through my sometimes difficult moods and opinions and apologized for taking them for granted so often. They were appreciative and stated they harbored no resentments. Still, I felt better for making amends.

While I’m not involved in a Twelve Step program, I have come to value and practice, as best I can, making amends where indicated. It’s all part of my ongoing healing path. Starting out in this still new year, I wish to act more accountable for how and when I wrong others (past and present) and, ultimately, to simply put more good will out into the universe. Ye gods, the world needs as much good will (including actions) as every one of us on Earth can possibly, fully give.

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