A Brief Thought: Satisfaction in Knowing

I derive a sense of comfort and satisfaction in knowing that, as a psychotherapist, I’m providing the kind of care to some people that I myself needed but did not receive earlier in life. It feels good to give back by contributing as best I can to stopping negative, harmful cycles of thinking, feeling, and relating. Every little bit helps, from person-to-person to the immediate community to the world at large.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Thought: Satisfaction in Knowing

  1. I am sure your clients are gaining an enormous amount of compassion and insight from your experience, presence, attunement, and knowledge that makes it just a little bit easier to navigate this complex world we live in. It is at this time of year that I am reminded of just how many blessings I have and how grateful I am to those who gave so willingly to me and lighten my heart each time we meet.

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  2. Your post affirms that YOU are what the world needs more of. It’s the Golden Rule you speak of. And that you can feel comfort and satisfaction in offering what you would needed but did not get for yourself makes your acting out of the golden rule even more precious. Far too many people in this very ill world perpetuate the neglect and hurts they experienced–whether knowingly or unconsciously. Maybe could be called emotional epigentics. I wish for you that you have at least one person in your life who offers YOU what you offer to others. Because all of us need the nurturing and care we didn’t get, even if somehow we grew up being damned good at providing it to others. Without it, though, we burn out. May your life be filled with great love.

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  3. It’s like the circle chant. “I am a circle, within a circle, no beginning, never ending. We are a circle, within a circle, no beginning, never ending.” The care you offer touches others, who touch others, and so on, like a small pebble dropped into a pond whose impact’s effects ripple ever outward, or the classic example of a butterfly fluttering it’s wings and changing the world.

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