Mini Movie Review (DOWNTON ABBEY)

The new movie DOWNTON ABBEY was splendid and sumptuous– from costumes, sets and settings, to a nimble script filled with so many interwoven characters, all very well-acted. There was something in it for just about every white person, given it was noticeably devoid of any people of color.

Dame Maggie Smith’s cutting remarks of wit and her frequent foil played by Penelope Wilton were delightful.  I’ve always found it fun to watch two elegant women go at it with a battle of words.

Flawed/limited as it was, the film was a well-done period piece I plan to see again, only next time with my husband. Even two gay men had some warm, tender romance in this lovely production. I followed along just fine, and I haven’t even watched any of the multi-season TV series. I left the theater in heart-felt tears, pleasantly surprised, and feeling generally satisfied.

One thought on “Mini Movie Review (DOWNTON ABBEY)

  1. “I’ve always found it fun to watch two elegant women go at it with a battle of words.” Just picturing that scene is cracking me up. I’ve seen plenty of women do this which I find embarrassing at times. The difference is not expecting elegant women to act this way. I watched Downtown Abby for a short time some time ago on PBS. It was a great series. Your critique makes me want to look into it again. Nothing like a tender romance to fuel the soul.

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