Brief Thoughts on Therapy Termination

Witnessing people get better is very rewarding. It’s wonderful when someone finishes up working with me and then returns on occasion for an as-needed “booster” session or no more sessions at all. The treatment termination experience is often bittersweet. But, just knowing that healing has occurred and, hence, will be shared in the world by a transformed, happier being supersedes with gladness and relief in me any sadness over missing connecting with them in my office. Butterflies are meant to fly.

4 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Therapy Termination

  1. I love how you are changing the picture each time to coincide with your post. I imagine termination is much like letting go. I’ve had to do this twice with my older boys. From my experience, any sad feelings linger for such a short time. Life goes on whether you are ready for it or not. This post reminds me of the words from Elton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”, …sweet freedom whispered in my ear – You’re a butterfly – And butterflies are free to fly – Fly away, high away, bye-bye.

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    1. As I was writing this post, I was thinking about people with grown children and how it must feel when they leave the nest. I think when clients of mine finish and leave treatment I am having brief micro versions of what these parents, such as yourself, have gone through.

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  2. I think of you often and how much help you have been. You’re right butterflies are meant to fly, but they also need to Re-connect on familiar shoulders. I will be in touch shortly for a tuneup 🙂

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