Rant: California and Its Wildfires Vs. Trump

As a California native who still loves that state very much, I’d like Governor Brown and Governor-elect Newsom, as well as Senators Feinstein and Harris, to take Trump on with his outrageous statements about cutting federal support to CA with managing its wildfires. For every $1.00 CA contributes into the federal Treasury, it gets 0.80 in federal funding for services, etc. In other words, CA gives more than it gets back. Well, CA is in justifiable, clear need right now.

Sen. Feinstein likely wouldn’t participate in this call-out of Trump, or very briefly so if she did at all. She’s too much of a moderate sell-out. Still, between Brown, Newsom, Harris, and some of CA’s congresspeople speaking up, the discourse would be eye-opening. Perhaps a good share of Dems in the newly-flipped House would get behind this fight Trump has called. That would be great if legislation and executive action could be created around curtailing CA’s funds into the U.S. Treasury and re-directing said funds into that state’s own fire management. That’d wake Trump and others right up.

Trump’s statements are both clearly wrong and unfair. He is scape-goating CA because he knows a huge hold-out of folks, including elected officials, can’t stand him there, yet CA is an enormous economy for the Union as well as in the world.  CA is far more important and ever-lasting than Trump.

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