Humbleness Vs. Greatness

Much of life, including my work, keeps me humble. I know I am good at what I do. But, since there is always more to learn, I don’t know if and when I’ll ever say I’m “great” at it. As I personally understand, along with believing in and stating one’s “greatness,” the risk of inflated pride arises exponentially, which then results in falsely thinking that one doesn’t have to grow and improve any further. Of course, that will never be the case, certainly not for me. The best I can truly strive for being and doing is participating in moments of greatness (often, greatness of healing) with another or others and, with concerted efforts, increasing the duration and likelihood of such moments.

5 thoughts on “Humbleness Vs. Greatness

  1. So true that considering oneself “great” (a dubious term at best) obscures the possibility for growth. In a public age in which humility is considered anathema, this insight on greatness is of profound importance.

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  2. I think the praise and validation we get from others can be a sign of greatness when often times our parts are reluctant to acknowledge this from “you’re getting too big for your britches” scenario. I, for one, think you are the greatest!

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