Sagely Mentor

I am blessed to have a wonderful mentor who I meet with once a month for supervision consultation. It is great to receive professional support and much wise teaching. He is older than I by about fifteen years and resides not far away from me. I am undergoing an apprenticeship in the truest sense. After our meetings, I drive a short distance to my office to start the work day, feeling full inside with this man’s guidance and care. In my own ways, I then pass this on to my clients as best I can.

Recently, my learning from this sagely man has extended outside of our supervision appointments to attending shamanic journeying and healing classes that he started teaching here in the city where I live.  I have always been interested in shamanism.  It is incredible, when I think about it, the synchronous series of happenings in which I met a wise, kind spiritual teacher, both professionally and personally, right here in my own backyard.

And while I have had some challenges to face of late, the bigger life picture remains beautiful, full, and wondrous. Among many people, places, and things, I have a terrific sage of a mentor to remind me how this is so.

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