An image I often come back to is that of a full lotus blossom. Earlier last month, a massage therapist at Pura Vida in Costa Rica reminded me that this flower represents the heart chakra in Ayurvedic medicine.  Right before she told me this, I experienced an open lotus filling my whole chest, which prompted her to explain what I was seeing from within.

This living more consciously from the heart– being with a sense of openness, wonder, and gratitude– has been a path longtime in manifesting.  But, I seem to come right back to it after straying off now and again into fear and anger.  It’s like I have a clearer, new-found baseline to live from and always return to.  Thank the gods!


2 thoughts on “Heart/Lotus

  1. What a profoundly beautiful experience to cherish. Meditation teachers so often encourage students to “follow the breath” as an anchor to bring us back to the present. Much work has been done on the profound impact of “breathing through the heart.” Breathing from the heart with compassion and presence is so different from what most of us are used to doing. And now you have this beautiful vision to come back to as well.

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