Writing As a Part of My Life

I am steadily fixing up and typing out my long blog post about our recent trip to Costa Rica. About half of it is still in long hand. Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say. This is different for me than my often compulsive-feeling, do-it-all-at-once approach to completing writing projects. I can embrace the former of the two ways gladly, particularly for longer pieces of work. Since I have a non-creative writing job, a marriage, and other responsibilities and needs, it’s a must that I take this long-range, steady strategy anyway.

What I feel happening is a new-found trust in my muse that she won’t fade off or shut down just because I’m not sitting with her for multiple hours at a time each moment I engage in the creative process. I know she’s there and I feel she senses I now listen to her with my inside ear, even when I am not actively writing. Engaging more with my inner life this way and putting some of it out in written word form is helping me to feel both more whole and productive. It’s been pleasantly satisfying in an increasingly gentle, steady manner.

I highly recommend everyone engage in whatever creative endeavor(s) strike(s) their fancy, and doing so as often as possible, a bit at a time here and there. Do your best not to think about the quality of the effort while first creating it. There will be time enough later to re-work and polish up the results. Just do it!

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