Coming Into One’s Power

BLACK PANTHER is one of those movies I found myself watching (for a second time) in a dual attention way.  I mentally-emotionally processed personal stuff while engaging with the happenings on screen.  This film is about many things, one being that of the simultaneous occurrence of a few individuals’ and a whole people’s struggle to both take back their true, birth-right power while also coming into their power.  To be clear, I don’t mean “power over,” when I say “power,” but, rather, one’s natural inner confidence, agency, and influence in the world.  So, while I witnessed on film a beautiful unfolding of good people coming into their power, including through hand-to-hand combat, I found myself internally better understanding just how I have given my power over in my life without clearly knowing that I was doing so or feeling like I had any other choice.  Well, I now have the space both inside myself and on the outside of my life to see and feel in my heart, head, and body that I need not allow anybody to take my power any longer, ever. And if and when I do start to give over my power, simply out of old residue of habit, I shall mindfully and quickly right this imbalance and promptly reclaim it.  So Mote It Be!

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