Manifesto Moment on Gun Control

I am done, absolutely done, with debating about the importance of and need for gun control.  This is one of those matters where I take a firm stand and plant my “position” flag out in the wide open: we need gun control across the country.  Period.  I appreciate people who are willing and able to keep educating others and debating with them about this issue– even though it really should no longer be an “issue” but a clear set of enforced laws.  My time and energy are precious.  So, I will take time and energy with folks to discuss how to strategize the bringing about of this whole policy shift I firmly feel and think the U.S.A. so badly needs, our country’s children need.  I will take time and energy to support others who are bravely speaking out about this need for change, like the students who recently called out Trump, people in Congress, the NRA.  I will take time and energy to learn what else I can do to get this particular ball rolling for the safety of the general public.  If that makes me seem somehow overly rigid and close-minded to some, well, so be it, and, honestly, I don’t care.  Those who know me well know how I work at keeping open-minded.  I will continue to strive on remaining thus.  But, this particular topic is one I have absorbed enough data on over the years to come to a clear conclusion and position stance.  There is no “openness” for me around validating or enabling keeping the status quo in place with under-regulated gun possession in this country.  And a way I have clearly participated in enabling/validating this status quo has been my passive silence. No more silence, no more debate.  I am with those dear Parkland kids and teachers, their families, and the people and families directly affected by all the shootings before.  As a caring, tax-paying adult in the U.S.A., I have their back, our collective backs.  I hope you have theirs too, and mine.  Peace.

[I originally posted this over on Facebook.]

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