Vessel for the Self

Sitting with people as I have done all day, five days a week, for the many years I’ve been doing this sacred work has helped me to better see, and then assist in bringing forth, the essential Buddha/Christ/Divine/deeply good nature in people, all sorts of people. On increasingly rarer occasion, I haven’t been able to do this with someone.  It’s clearly been because I wasn’t the right vessel at the time to allow an individual’s core, good Self to come through, sometimes due to my own blind spot(s) I still need to address.  However, more frequently, it’s because of their own issues, or parts, somehow clashing up against the image and sense of me they see and hear before them.  But, often, the person is simply not yet ready to allow this healing process to happen the way they so badly need it to.  At those times, I turn over trust to the universe that these folks will find the right healer(s) and place to finally arrive more into their true Selves. And to that end, I offer them other names of colleagues and other supports as indicated.

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