Mini Movie Review (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME was the most compelling romantic drama I’ve ever seen. My heart was opened wide, as were all of my senses.  The scenic countryside and some old cities of Northern Italy in summertime (of 1983) held a group of beautiful, sincere people in a way I can’t ever remember witnessing on screen before.  A languid sensuality oozed forth, including a shimmering lake yielding up ancient treasure and ripe, tasty peaches in a sun-touched orchard.  All this and more enhanced by a soundtrack of classical piano pieces interspersed with original recordings of 80s bands, such as the Psychedelic Furs.  And pleasantly weaved into the narrative:  skin-to-skin contact between two gorgeous men pent up with longing for each other. My high praise goes to everyone’s stellar acting in this film, the story it told with diligent care, and ever-building sexual tension grounded in love. This was a tour-de-force in cinema which has left me reflecting on life and the deep relevance of love– romantic, familial, and otherwise. 

And I will never look at a peach the same since seeing this luscious screen gem.

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