Where I Found Gold

I grew up moving around a lot, mostly from place to place in California, but also for one year abroad in Europe and Central America. As a boy, I longed for stability in the form of a big yet cozy house enclosed by a white picket fence in a suburban neighborhood of other nice homes with white picket fences. That never materialized. What did come forth, though, was a touch-stone, intentional community my parents made sure to be a part of pretty early on: the San Juan Ridge area and, by extension, Grass Valley and Nevada City, all in historic gold mining country of Northern California. We were part of a network of great people, knitted together by love of poetry and the other arts and a solid set of values, including caring for the land, equal justice for all, and many other principles. A lot of people from that community I knew growing up and still hold dear have passed on, most of them, it seems, cut down too soon. It’s part of the natural order of things, I realize, but it still feels very sad. However, over and above this live a deep understanding and gratitude inside myself that I was part of an interconnection of families rich in backgrounds, love, and shared values, truly a community in every sense of that word. There was indeed a lot of gold to be found, the gold in so many hearts of people who I had the great fortune to know. 

2 thoughts on “Where I Found Gold

  1. What a lovely piece of your history that lives on despite your losses. Not too many folks get to be nurtured in larger communities of shared interests and values and principles that jive with your own. Grief and gratitude; surely a recipe for growth and transformation.

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