I finally saw STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI yesterday. It was entertaining, colored up with interesting indoor and outdoor sets, alien critters (many familiar while some new on the scene), and more family drama. I didn’t find the movie bad or great, just fun and what I expected within the whole STAR WARS arc. Not disappointed or particularly impressed here. One scene with Princess (General) Leia felt blatantly hard for me to suspend disbelief over, though I’m guessing we the audience were supposed to think of the Force as being very much with her and leave it at that. Some of the dialogue was trite and unoriginal, but I don’t equate the STAR WARS films with great scripts put on screen. And when good writing does come through here and there with some of them (certainly not this installment), that’s gravy, a pleasant surprise.
I keep in mind how this is a family film, with much material and simplistic, even silly, plot devices aimed at children. As a well-educated/naturally intelligent adult, if you give the film a lot of thought, much of it won’t “hold up.”  I also remember that when I played imaginary games or viewed
 cartoons as a child, I didn’t think about all the logical implications, or lack thereof, as I went a long or watched, respectively.   It helps if you can see this film through the eyes of your own inner children parts, not to mention those of your own offspring if you are a parent or grandparent.  You’ll surely enjoy the show more and keep to an old, sound sensibility of simply marveling over the magic of cinema.  That is what Disney movies are so often about.
Allowing for my steadily advancing age to come through here, what I especially appreciated were the big comfy chairs and Dolby screen in the newly-remodeled local theater we frequent. It felt almost impossible to miss anything in the movie.  Hence, I am satisfied with viewing LAST JEDI once and feel no need to see it again.

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